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Adder appreciation post! 

Adder is very underrated but she has always been one of my all-time favorite characters. It’s so hard to find a snake character that’s not cruel and evil!

Adder might act cold and uncaring on the outside but through her actions she proves herself to be one of the most loyal and dependable characters in the show. Whenever someone is in danger she will always be there to save them, frequently putting herself in danger to help her friends. She also suffers through a lot of misfortune and sadness, but always comes through in the end. She’s also very clever and witty. Plus Adder and Sinuous make the cutest couple. :3

ShyBoy - The Interstellar Travel Companion Mixtape

A collection of mashups, remixes and new songs by ShyBoy, including original collaborations with robot koch, Black Molly, DJ Tripp and more.

“Schadenfreude (Into The Fire)” written by Jason Arnold, Bryan Fuller, Abraham Parker & Mark Nubar / Produced by Mark Nubar & ShyBoy for The Spaceman Agency / Vocals: ShyBoy / Programming: ShyBoy, Mark Nubar, Abraham Parker / Guitar: Abraham Parker

From the forthcoming ShyBoy LP Lost In Space

(Jason Arnold, Bryan Fuller, Mark Nubar & Abraham Parker)

Take your schadenfreude
Make a bad thing good
Happy for the sad
Not like you should
Bald sense of humor

(Lying in wait to take it all)

Make a friend go down
Wish upon a shiny
And take their crown
Watch em hit the ground without a shhh

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