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Okay folks - should I make the Dark World or Avengers Thor costume first?

Also, I am going to Germany soon to see Fahr!!!

I am for Avengers, but only because I am selfish and want to match with you!;;________________;; I can’t spend money again on a costume, even if I want to.

If I were taller, I’d ask to lend your old Loki-costume and we’d make sure that Thor & Barton would be overflown by our loki-ness. XD

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  1. fahrlight said: Damn, with or without costume, we’ll have so much fun!
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    I hope so, too! And that I can afford to come to Berlin, too! That’ll be awesome °-°
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    i see cuties, having fun times.
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    WooHoooo! hmmm wonder if I could get it done in time for coming over„,
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    I sense gifseeeetsssssssss!
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