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Me and Fahrlight are one of many who are collecting money for the challenge Live Below The Line.

We both did / are doing the challenge to only have food worth about 1 Pound / a day and since I just finished it I can say… it showed me alot! And I am more willing to share the word and get other people, YOU people to help, donate or possibly sign up and do the challenge, too! If you can’t it is okay. But you maybe have 1 or 2 $ left in your pocket that you could donate. Every little bit helps!
So me and Fahrlight are trying to collect as much money as we can to HELP!

Please check it out if you like!

—— Please Please Please Please PLEASE!!! ——

You can donate to either me or Fahrlight

Even if we reached our goal, that didn’t mean we have to stop. No… The more the better! Every little bit helps!!!


Ps.: Me as Thor!Loki, Fahrlight as Avengers!Loki with Ponytail and Tom Hiddleston with his last BelowTheLine-Lunch. A baked Potato!

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    We have the chance to raise money until June 30th! Please! If you can donate, donate. If not please share the word!
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