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About 2 weeks ago I went to Berlin to meet Fahr, Robin, Elana & Others. It was a awesome weekend and we had alot of fun with some lil Cosplay-photoshoots we did. This is a lil teaser for a gif we planned. I havn’t seen it yet nor did I see the recording, but the photoshooting was amazing! I wanna do it again! <3 Anyways~ I love you guys! Thanks for the great time!

Sayael (Me) as Loki (Thor Costume stolen from Fahrlight)
Robin as Hawkeye
Fahrlight as Loki (Avengers)
Elana as Thor

I was trying to get my body into shape by running a bit. I got me an APP called “Zombie Run” and tried it out for one mission a.k.a. 30 minutes. I didn’t get out of breath but mostly because I had to stop several times cuz my legs were complaining about the sudden and unknown usage… *shame*
I wasn’t very tired afterwards but the next day… walking was a bit difficult. XD

I am so…so… soooo unathletic!

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