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Backj in 2008 I was very bored in typhography class so I started scribbling around. Out of nowhere this little critters appeared and I named them “Poisonbirds” (very original. Yes) because I decided they are poisonous. Through my college time I developed a weird affection for them and people on the internet were equally enchanted by their fuzzy nature. So in the end I wrote my Bachelor-Project about them: A book about the Poisonbird. I have never posted much of the project on the internet and THOSE IMAGES aren’t in the book either. They were just doodles. But I think after almost 5 years I could post some of the works I did back then and maybe draw those little fuzzy things again!

Anyways~! ENJOY!

A little update on the ‘little’ Hannibal Flowercrown Chibi Avatars I’m doing right now! Freddie is done! (see some lame-ass step-by-step). It would have been number 9 of 12 but since I decided to do 3 more, it’s gonna be 15! This is killing me!!!

Done: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Frederick Chilton, Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, Brian Zeller, Bedelia Du Maurier, Matthew Brown & Freddie Lounds…
Coming up next: Jack Crawford, Winston, Alana Bloom, Abigail Hobbs, Margot Verger & Mason Verger.

I need to finish them before NBC airs season 3 and Bryan Fuller & his team comes up with more awesome characters that make me wanna draw them!
Holy shookers! And in-between: Commissions. Ugh… I need more hours for the day or the ability to survive without sleep. :I

Check my Twitter for more updates!

Posted on my Twitter already… I wonder when I will ever finish them! I keep having too long breaks between them so Matthew looks totally different than Will. :I *eep*
Anyways! Still to go: Freddie, Jack, Winston, Alana.

And since NBC Hannibal keeps bringing up more awesome Characters I’m thinking about doing Mason, Margot and Abigail as well. :I  I should be working on Commissions!

AC OC - Where is my killing song by Sayael

OLD Artwork but I still like it.
Some absent minded user (his name was similar. What a coincidence) just flamed me that “we girls” always draw topless men with way too many muscles.
I would have loved to shove the horrendous amount of giant-busted girl arts & fanarts into his face. Seeing Altair x Malik Fanart makes him wanna snap his neck.

If I would do that everytime I see some (to me) kinda unpleasent Fanart/hentai/porn FanArt of a female (or genderbent if no female is available) character from any Movie/TvShow/game/anime/anything, my neck would look like a corkscrew…

Color Meme Thing: #5 Will Graham (+ Bonus: RavenStag!)
I’m sooo slow, man. I’m sorry :I But I will continue doing those.

I’ve gotten some numbers requested twice. So since there is a extended color theme meme around now I will use the 2nd numbers from that sheet~!

Please do not send any more requests… D: I have like 9 more to do and I don’t know if I can do them all. (Or it will take till next year. who knows?XD)


The Artwork is from pyjamazombie :3

Oh well at least my name is under it now. Thank you for your cooperation. Please don’t flame her anymore. She apologized.


What do we learn from that, kids? If you like something enough to post it on your own, take a close look and search for a signature. In 90% of the time there’s one. If not: Google Imae Search is your best friend!
Saves you some mad artist rage. :I

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