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WtNV - Blob Cecil is the best Cecil by Sayael

I just had to. You understand me. I just HAD to draw SaltySalmonellas Blob!Cecil <3 He is just the CUTEST!

This was supposed to be just a quick coloured sketch but it somehow went out of hand (again.)
I really hope you guys like it! Especially Salty~!

(I need to draw my own cecil more… with carlos. Man.. but squishy tentacles are too much fun. :V *quack*)

Reblogging after a while because I re-visited Saltysalmonellas BlobCecil Blog again. And I still can’t get over all the cuteness!!

Three of the pieces I drew for TEAM FAUXSHOW and the GISHWHES hunt!

It was SUCH A BLAST! I had so much fun drawing these and was constantly giggling while doing so. I really wanna draw more crazy stuff like that! It felt so good just to draw something weird for a change!

Seeing all the other Gishwhes submissions here on tumblr makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! You guys all ROCK so HARD!

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