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Three of the pieces I drew for TEAM FAUXSHOW and the GISHWHES hunt!

It was SUCH A BLAST! I had so much fun drawing these and was constantly giggling while doing so. I really wanna draw more crazy stuff like that! It felt so good just to draw something weird for a change!

Seeing all the other Gishwhes submissions here on tumblr makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! You guys all ROCK so HARD!

Backj in 2008 I was very bored in typhography class so I started scribbling around. Out of nowhere this little critters appeared and I named them “Poisonbirds” (very original. Yes) because I decided they are poisonous. Through my college time I developed a weird affection for them and people on the internet were equally enchanted by their fuzzy nature. So in the end I wrote my Bachelor-Project about them: A book about the Poisonbird. I have never posted much of the project on the internet and THOSE IMAGES aren’t in the book either. They were just doodles. But I think after almost 5 years I could post some of the works I did back then and maybe draw those little fuzzy things again!

Anyways~! ENJOY!

A little update on the ‘little’ Hannibal Flowercrown Chibi Avatars I’m doing right now! Freddie is done! (see some lame-ass step-by-step). It would have been number 9 of 12 but since I decided to do 3 more, it’s gonna be 15! This is killing me!!!

Done: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Frederick Chilton, Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, Brian Zeller, Bedelia Du Maurier, Matthew Brown & Freddie Lounds…
Coming up next: Jack Crawford, Winston, Alana Bloom, Abigail Hobbs, Margot Verger & Mason Verger.

I need to finish them before NBC airs season 3 and Bryan Fuller & his team comes up with more awesome characters that make me wanna draw them!
Holy shookers! And in-between: Commissions. Ugh… I need more hours for the day or the ability to survive without sleep. :I

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