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Working on something. Something for YOU!
The Will avi was so much fun, I’m gonna do the others. BUT there’s one left I don’t know who that could be… any suggestions?

(this might take a while and I wanted it to be done before I reach 2000 Followers. Wow… 2000!!! I can’t believe it! Why the f* r u following me, you precious, lil stalkers? I love you guys!!)

I can’t decide… Who could the last one be?

Will is putting on his warpaint & war-flowercrown for the next episodes.
Shit is going down, b*tches!

(Wanted a new Avi. Wanted grumpy Will. Gonna make some more. Those are fun~)

(Edit: F*ck. Forgot his beard :I )
(Edit2: Since I accidently overwrote the original sized PSD *artists worst nightmare* with the resized jpeg I had to overpaint the whole thing and pimped it a little bit more in the process. Brighter colours, sharper, more rendered… next one is Hannibal!)

HANNIBAL - I’m Home by SayaelFinally done. Took me a while. Uh… Dogs. Draw all the dogs! Made me go a lil coo-coo but it was worth it and good practice cuz I’m not that good at drawing doggies. (Read more of my Blah-blah on deviantart lolz)
Alternative titles: “Graham Puppy Pile!” “Hannibal is NOT INVITED!" "Graham Pack Cuddle Formation" "Hug-Me-jacket" (But he’s glooming creepy-ly over it.)

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